December 09th 2019

Habilitation for MCI researcher Lukas Möltner

Venia Docendi for PD Dr. Lukas Möltner from the Vienna University of Technology - Special Field "Internal Combustion Engines and Automotive Engineering".





Habilitation at the Vienna University of Technology : PD Dr. Lukas Möltner. Photo: MCI
Habilitation at the Vienna University of Technology : PD Dr. Lukas Möltner. Photo: MCI

The Entrepreneurial School® is delighted with a remarkable academic achievement: Dr. Lukas Möltner recently completed his habilitation at the Vienna University of Technology with the research topic "Internal Combustion Engines and Automotive Engineering" in the field of mechanical engineering. With his habilitation, he has attained the privilege to teach at a university (Venia Docendi); according to international standards, this is the highest academic qualification.

Privatdozent Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. habil. Lukas Möltner is characterized by an extraordinary and consistent career development. Originally, he had embarked on a career as a craftsman, advancing from apprentice to master mechanic. He then completed a diploma in process and environmental engineering at the MCI, followed by a doctorate in mechanical engineering at the Vienna University of Technology. Parallel to this, he obtained a diploma in the field of sustainable energy systems. His habilitation at the Vienna University of Technology represents the pinnacle of his scientific career to date. His postdoctoral thesis on internal combustion engines and automotive engineering comprises three focal points: The use of regenerative fuels, the engine utilization of biogas and exhaust-gas after-treatment. Attracting further attention, his postdoctoral thesis was recently awarded the City of Innsbruck Award.

Since 2009, Dr. Möltner has gained an excellent reputation among students and colleagues as a lecturer at MCI, and now since 2011 as head of the Department of Process Engineering in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, as well as Head of Research for Engine Technology and Emissions. His reputation is also confirmed by numerous teaching assignments at other colleges and universities.

Among colleagues and students, Lukas Möltner is regarded as a highly qualified and committed researcher who combines theoretical and practical knowledge of automotive engineering in a particularly exciting way. MCI Rector Andreas Altmann and Michael Kraxner, Head of Research & Development, congratulate Lukas Möltner in unison: "Lukas Möltner has literally qualified from the bottom up, for the highest scientific honors in his field. Congratulations on behalf of the entire MCI team."