January 24th 2020

Knowledge transfer as the "3rd mission" of universities

(Third) Mission Possible! - Transfer of knowledge into practice as an essential task of universities - cooperation "WTZ West" with eleven universities goes into the second round

Teaching, research and the provision of knowledge are the main missions of universities. The third mission, i.e. the provision of knowledge and the transfer of knowledge to the outside world, has become an important linchpin for universities. As part of the new project phase of WTZ West, the project partners involved will find new ways of transferring knowledge and strengthen existing ones. It is about the transfer of knowledge from the academic world into society. In addition to the third mission, the WTZ West takes on the topic of intellectual property rights (IPR) and copyrights. The project is funded by aws, from the National Foundation for Research, Technology and Development (Austria Fund). It is divided into five sub-projects:

  • Hub.West with a focus on science and project communication
  • Economic and Industrial Cooperations
  • New paths in knowledge- and technology-transfer
  • Power Plant | Generator
  • MINT Region West

For the MCI, the third mission has long been an integral part of everyday business. Research projects enable industry access to the knowledge of universities. Together with its partners, MCI works on current problems of society and industry in order to strengthen the location and to find innovative solutions.

For further information on the project, please get in touch with us:

Claudia Mössenlechner
Head of Learning Solutions
+43 512 2070 – 2010

Benjamin Massow
Lecturer Mechatronics & Smart Technologies
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