January 30th 2020

MCI leads in internationalization

The Entrepreneurial School® as one of Austria's most international universities | Great student mobility | 280 partner universities | 16 double degree programs 




With an extraordinary mobility rate, the MCI is top ranked in Austria. Photo: MCI/Leitner
With an extraordinary mobility rate, the MCI is top ranked in Austria. Photo: MCI/Leitner

It was with great pleasure that the MCI received news of the latest Austrian university statistics, which were published a few days ago. The data published by the Ministry of Science for the academic year 2018/19 confirms that the Entrepreneurial School® in Innsbruck is one of the most international universities in Austria.

With 1,430 exchange students going abroad for a semester or full year to one of the 280 partner universities of the MCI (outgoings) or coming to the MCI from there (incomings), the Entrepreneurial School® achieves a mobility rate of 44.7 %, placing it among the top-ranking universities in Austria. Despite its manageable size (3,196 students in 2018/19), the MCI leaves disproportionately larger institutions behind, even in absolute numbers.*

According to Susanne Lichtmannegger, Head of the International Relations Office at the MCI, this result is based on a strategy of internationalization that has been consistently pursued over the years. The results include the impressive number of 280 partner universities around the world, 16 double-degree programs, 11 degree programs taught entirely in English, the international faculty and students from more than 60 nations.

Source: "Statistisches Taschenbuch - Hochschulen und Forschung 2019" of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, www.bmbwf.gv.at/unidata

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