January 27th 2020

Excellent lecturers at MCI

Teaching Awards 2019 go to the "best" lecturers 2019 at the Entrepreneurial School®: Thomas Dilger, Michaela Pichler, Christian Ploder, Teresa Spieß - Excellent teaching as the basis for successful alumni




The best MCI lecturers 2019. From left: Thomas Dilger, Michaela Pichler, Christian Ploder, Claudia Mössenlechner. Photo: MCI
The best MCI lecturers 2019. From left: Thomas Dilger, Michaela Pichler, Christian Ploder, Claudia Mössenlechner. Photo: MCI

In recognition of their excellent teaching achievements, 4 lecturers were recently awarded the MCI Teaching Award 2019. Thomas Dilger, Christian Ploder and Teresa Spieß, three lecturers from the department of Management, Communication & IT, were honored. Michaela Pichler, who received the award for the second time, teaches in the department of Social Work. The basis for the award is the assessment of the lecturers based on the overall ranking of the evaluation results by the students and covers all study programs and courses within one academic year.

Professional expertise, modern didactics appropriate to the target group and, above all, the ability to get to the heart of the matter while inspiring the students for the respective topic are the success factors of good teaching. All the award-winning lecturers meet these requirements in an exemplary manner. They all stand out for their active, practical and discussion-oriented teaching, which ideally links research, teaching and practice and involves the students personally. The students attest to all award winners' committed teaching style, the particularly comprehensible and transparent presentation of the contents and their ability to inspire and motivate students for their subject.

The Teaching Award was established in 2015 by the MCI's Academic Council in order to make excellent achievements in teaching visible. Claudia Mössenlechner, the deputy head of the Academic Council, presented this year’s award. She sums up: "In addition to professional expertise, good didactics and methodology, the human factor plays a decisive role in the learning process: inspiring students means laying the foundation for courage and openness to actively tackle and solve new challenges. I am proud of the colleagues who have been able to demonstrate this special competence so impressively".

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