March 05th 2020

MCI signs agreement with top Italian university

Double degree agreement with LUISS Business School in the field of tourism



The new double degree program with LUISS Business School is accessible to students for the MCI master program 'Entrepreneurship & Tourism
The new double degree program with LUISS Business School is accessible to students for the MCI master program 'Entrepreneurship & Tourism". Photo: LUISS

The MCI has concluded a double degree agreement in the field of tourism with the LUISS Business School in Rome. This agreement offers students at the Entrepreneurial School® a particularly attractive option in their studies.

The double degree agreement enables students to acquire a master’s degree from MCI and an equivalent diploma from LUISS at the same time. The students complete part of their studies in Innsbruck and part of their studies in Rome. The program is accessible to students of LUISS and MCI. The successful conclusion of the agreement was preceded by meticulous preparation by the two universities, so that all details are now regulated in a comprehensive agreement. The double diploma agreement offers both a MCI degree in "Entrepreneurship & Tourism" and a LUISS degree in "Tourism Management - Major of the Master in Fashion, Luxury & Tourism Management".

The Italian and Austrian economies are closely linked; it is therefore a particular advantage to have two degrees from both educational systems. On the one hand, there are always MCI students, especially from South Tyrol, who enter the Italian job market after graduation. On the other hand, the number of Italian students who are trying their luck abroad after graduation is increasing and Austria is also enjoying growing popularity.

LUISS, which can be freely translated as the Free International University for Social Studies, is a private university affiliated with the Italian employers' association Confindustria with around 9,000 students. It is often considered - together with Bocconi in Milan - to be one of the two best Italian universities. She specializes in economics and social sciences. The campus is located near the historical center of Rome.

Hubert Siller, Head of the Department of Tourism & Leisure Business at the MCI, is proud of the agreement that has been reached: “I am pleased that two MCI students can earn the double degree with LUISS each year. In addition to its academic reputation, Rome and Italy also offer a particularly exciting and educational environment for students in the tourism sector. "

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