June 08th 2020

Governor Platter: "Treading new paths to strengthen community partnerships within the Euregio

Study project at the MCI is dedicated to the development of success factors for community partnerships in the European region


from left: Governor Günther Platter, MCI-student Dominique Nussbaum,  government representative Johannes Tratter. Photo: Land Tirol/Brandhuber
from left: Governor Günther Platter, MCI-student Dominique Nussbaum, government representative Johannes Tratter. Photo: Land Tirol/Brandhuber

A declared aim of the presidency program of the Tyrolean Euregio Presidency is to promote cooperation between the municipalities within the European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino as well as new partnerships. A practice-oriented course of the MCI Bachelor program "Nonprofit, Social & Health Management" is addressing precisely this objective with a special project: With the support of the Province of Tyrol, Dominique Nussbaum, Theresa Kohler and  Mark Michael sent a bilingual questionnaire to more than 8,000 local councillors in the European region to examine expectations and attitudes towards community partnerships, possible success factors but also challenges. Numerous questionnaires have already been returned. The first results will be available in mid-June and will be presented afterwards.

"The chosen path of cross-border cultural exchange in the European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino is essential to further deepen the close cooperation between the three countries. Partnerships of municipalities, schools or even associations make an important contribution to understanding, exchange and cooperation within the three parts of the province. Wherever people meet and exchange ideas directly, friendships are formed that go far beyond institutional cooperation. And this is exactly what supports us in our goal of making the European region tangible and tangible for people to experience," says Euregio President and Governor of Tyrol Günther Platter. "In an accompanying letter to the Tyrolean municipalities we have asked them to take part in the survey in order both to support this project in the best possible way and to promote the positive development of municipal partnerships in the Europe region. Already last year there was an initiative to strengthen the Euregio community partnerships - we want to continue on this path", adds Johannes Tratter, the local government representative. Platter and Tratter emphasize in unison: "Research projects that combine practice and science often provide very helpful insights. For this reason we also support this project and call on the numerous local councillors in Tyrol to participate".

The head of the MCI study program Siegfried Walch and Project Supervisor Renate Windbichler are delighted: "As an entrepreneurial school, the MCI is one of the most international universities in Europe. Nevertheless, our roots are in Tyrol and we are clearly committed to our region. It is wonderful that our students contribute with their commitment to a further growing together of the European region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino".