June 25th 2020

Master in Medical Technologies at MCI - Start in autumn 2020!

Innovative Master program in English with excellent career opportunities | Start in fall 2020 | Applications accepted at any time


As accreditation has been granted, the master program  'Medical Technologies' will start in fall 2020. Photo: MCI
As accreditation has been granted, the master program 'Medical Technologies' will start in fall 2020. Photo: MCI

In fall 2020, the newly launched Master program of Medical Technologies, held in English, will complement the MCI's focus on technology & life sciences. The news of the accreditation of AQ Austria has just arrived at the Entrepreneurial School®.

With the accreditation, the program now starts officially in fall of 2020. Applications are accepted at any time.

Three years ago, MCI established "Medical Technology" as a study program on a Bachelor level as part of the Mechatronics program in close cooperation with the Innsbruck Medical University. Subsequently, in fall of 2019 "Medical Technologies", a study program held in English, based on the bachelor program "Mechatronics & Smart Technologies" launched at MCI as part of the master program "Mechatronics & Smart Technologies" with 20 study places. As accreditation has been granted, the program can now be expanded into an independent master program starting in fall 2020 and will be successively expanded to include additional study places in the coming years.

The establishment of the course of study is based on a joint decision-making process amongst the scientific (MUI, LFUI, UMIT, FHG) and business (TirolKliniken, MedEl, Lebensraum Tirol, etc.) institutions located on site.

Medical technology, with its many different forms and characteristics in the fields of digitalization, information technology, health, ergonomics, rehabilitation, sport and movement, is one of the most important industries in future with excellent career opportunities. The Master program offers a high degree of business- and practical orientation, preparing students for demanding positions in research, development, industry, start-ups and consulting. In addition, the career-friendly time model allows for a limited amount of professional commitment alongside studying.

Financing is secured by contributions from the State of Tyrol and the Ministry of Science. With the new program, the existing competences at the location will be further developed and synergetically connected

Application deadlines: Sunday, 28.06.2020 and Friday, 31.07.2020


Governor Günther Platter:
"In science, research, education and health care Tyrol has efficient facilities and the highest standards. With the new Master's degree in medical technology, these competencies will be further developed and closely interwoven. With its different training courses in the field of medical technology, Tyrol sets international standards".

Dr. Bernhard Tilg, Chairman of the MCI General Assembly, State Council for Health, Science, Care and Senior Citizens:
"The new MCI Master's program is a prime example of how synergies can be created with the joint efforts of partners from a wide range of fields. This benefits everyone: The economic and living environment of Tyrol, the university location, the young people who can take up future-oriented professions and, last but not least, the medical care of the patients", says LR Tilg and continues: "The full-time study program, which is conducted in English, enables students to work part-time and thus to make a smooth transition to gainful employment through a job-friendly organization. Opportunities for cooperation with the Tyrolean economy and industry are also actively sought".

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter Loidl, Vice Rector for Teaching and Academic Affairs of the Medical University of Innsbruck:
"It is obvious that the Medical University will bring core competences in the field of medical technology to the new master's degree course. In many areas of medicine, purely technical progress is directly reflected in the quality of patient care. It is our intention to make the high level of expertise of the Medical University available to young people in this new specific education, which is not possible in this depth within a traditional medical degree course. In addition, we expect this course of study to provide a further impulse to strengthen our intensive cooperation with the relevant Tyrolean industry and to promote the founding of new medical technology companies in our state.

Stefan Deflorian, Managing Director Tirol Kliniken GmbH:
"For tirol kliniken, the start of the Medical Technologies Master's degree course is good news. It is becoming increasingly clear that the rapid technical developments in medicine, for example in the areas of artificial intelligence, Big Data, robotics, telemedicine etc., are overtaking the supply of well-trained specialists. Especially as the largest employer in the health care sector in Western Austria and operator of currently 45,000 medical devices, we are dependent on highly specialized employees in the medical technology sector. In relation of increasing digitalization and automation, this demand will also continue to grow. We are therefore already looking forward to the first graduates of this practice-oriented and promising course of study.

Bernhard Windbichler, Head of Human Resources & Central Site Services MED-EL Medical Electronics:
"We are looking forward to the graduates, for whom we have a wide range of interesting and meaningful tasks in store."


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