July 10th 2020


The European Union finances the establishment of 24 European Universities | MCI | The Entrepreneurial School ® as part of the European University UlyssEUS, is one of the successful winners of a 5 million euro start-up fund.

MCI joins the new founded European University 'UlyssEUs'. Photo: Parigger
MCI joins the new founded European University 'UlyssEUs'. Photo: Parigger

Together with the Universities of Seville, Spain, Côte d'Azur, France, Genoa, Italy, Kosice University of Technology, Slovakia (TUKE) and Haaga-Helia University in Helsinki, Finland, MCI joined a Europe wide alliance.

95 associated partner organizations supported the application of the European University UlyssEUS, including the governments of all six participating regions and cities. In addition to the government of Tyrol and the city of Innsbruck, numerous civil society and business organizations supported MCI's application to join the European University UlyssEUS.

In future, students will be part of a university campus network throughout Europe. Joint study programs, research activities with a common digital platform, joint management structures and a joint international office in Innsbruck are currently in preparation.

MCI students will have the benefit to be students of the Entrepreneurial School® as well as of the European University UlyssEUS. As part of the joint venture, MCI teachers and researchers will join forces with all six associated universities to develop solutions for their regions and cities. In a first step, innovative platforms on the following topics will be set up:

  • Healthy ageing and well-being
  • Energy, transportation and mobility
  • Tourism and cultural heritage
  • Digitalization
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Food technology and recycling management


Dr. Bernhard Tilg, Chairman of the MCI General Assembly, State Councilor for Health, Science, Nursing and Senior Citizens: “MCI is important in the domestic university landscape and, with more than 12,000 graduates and numerous practical and research projects, a defining institution for the business and university location.  We are very pleased to see the MCI as part of the UlyssEUS alliance".

Georg Willi, Mayor of Innsbruck: "I am very pleased that our "Entrepreneurial School" - the MCI - has been part of the new European university network "UlyssEUS" from the very beginning. On the one hand, this is a sign of the excellence and international reputation of the Management Center Innsbruck, and on the other hand, it offers an additional opportunity for our students. Innsbruck will certainly benefit from this cooperation: as a university city, as a research location, but also as the object of the research carried out there. After all, the development of innovative solutions for cities and regions is the focus of our common research interest".

MCI Rector Andreas Altmann: "With UlyssEUS, six first-class European universities with different orientations combine their strengths and competencies. As Rector of the MCI I am very pleased about this success. We are in international competition, both as a university and in terms of our economy and the job market. I am convinced that within the framework of this European consortium we can achieve a great deal for the region, but ultimately also for Europe".