September 21st 2020

Tyrolean Start-up can save ski season

Innovative technology frees gondolas from corona virus | MCI and PLANLICHT present innovative hygiene technology for winter | Germ removal from gondolas and transport cabins using "seTUBE”

 From left: Gerald Kohler, Felicitas Kohler, PLANLICHT, Ronald Stärz, Harald Schöbel, MCI with
From left: Gerald Kohler, Felicitas Kohler, PLANLICHT, Ronald Stärz, Harald Schöbel, MCI with "seTUBE Gondola" prototype. Photo: MCI Planlicht/Spiess

COVID19 endangers human lives, brings health care systems to the brink of failure and keeps the global economy on edge. Especially the so important tourism industry in Austria and Tyrol has suffered massive losses since the outbreak of the crisis. With this in mind, technological solutions which are able to reduce health risks and stimulate the economy, are urgently needed.

"seTUBE" has this potential. It eliminates germs and microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.) in gondolas and transport cabins with the use of UV-C light. It works efficiently, contactless and residue-free in the shortest possible time and thus kills off pathogens adhering to surfaces, thus preventing smear infections. "This LED platform technology, which was developed in a very short time, can be used for a very wide range of disinfection applications. Our investigations in cooperation with the Medical University of Innsbruck show that it reliably kills viruses, bacteria and fungi," explains Michael Kraxner, head of research at MCI.

This form of technical cleaning by light works completely without the use of chemicals: no mercury, no ozone - 100% residue-free. The mobile "seTube" light console with a built-in rechargeable battery is highly efficient, reliably effective and can be transported and used wirelessly.

"Our product not only gives guests and hosts a safe feeling, but also a scientifically validated system of cleanliness and hygiene", explains Felicitas Kohler, Managing Director of PLANLICHT, the concept.

The technical disinfection process of lift gondolas using UV-C light is one of several solutions with which 'CARE BY LIGHT GmbH', the joint venture of MCI and PLANLICHT, aims to make the stay of guests in resorts safe. 
With "seCube Card", for example, ski tickets - as they are used today as reusable plastic cards - can be sterilized effortlessly. Hotel owners, who prepare for the safe stay of their guests, rely on "seTube Mini". Within minutes, the UV table lamp disinfects masks, caps, balaclavas, ski goggles and even ski helmets. Ronald Stärz, Head of the Emerging Applications Lab at the MCI explains: "In these challenging times it is clear that Tyrolean know-how can open up new and interesting business areas. Industry and MCI have joined forces to develop 'seTUBE'. This will enable the Tyrolean cable car industry to react quickly during this winter season and even in the event of the next pandemic - which unfortunately cannot be ruled out - and thus to maintain operations".

Mag. Susanne Crawford | Assistant & Project Manager Marketing & Communications
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