October 22nd 2020

MCI students receive DFK advancement award 2020

The German Circle of Friends of the Universities of Innsbruck Assoc. (Deutscher Freundeskreis der Universitäten Innsbrucks – DFK) supports outstanding students in their professional and academic development | Entrepreneurial School® congratulates three excellent students

Award winner Anna Greil with DDr. Herwig van Staa, MCI Rector Andreas Altmann and the Deputy Head of the MCI Business & Management program Thomas Stöckl. ©University of Innsbruck
Award winner Anna Greil with DDr. Herwig van Staa, MCI-Rektor Andreas Altmann and the Deputy Head of the MCI Business & Management program Thomas Stöckl. ©University of Innsbruck


For more than 10 years students of the Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck (LFU), the Medical University Innsbruck as well as the Entrepreneurial University® have been awarded the Förderpreis des Deutschen Freundeskreis der Universitäten in Innsbruck (DFK) for their outstanding academic performance.

This year three MCI students were able to impress the jury with their above-average academic achievements and ambitious plans for the future and were thus awarded the coveted study sponsorship prize. Their professional and personal careers, the recognition of their academic achievements and the realization of committed future projects had a decisive influence on the choice of the winners.

DFK Honorary Chairman DDr. Herwig van Staa presented the awards and congratulated the students on their high level of commitment and excellent performance. MCI Rector Andreas Altmann affirmed: “I congratulate the award winners on this recognition of their achievements. Here at the Entrepreneurial School® we are very proud of the excellent achievements of our students, especially under these exceptional conditions”.

Anna Greil is studying for her Bachelor's degree in „Business & Management“. She would like to use the scholarship primarily for her further education in the areas of Business Development and Growth Hacking as well as for a Master's degree in the Netherlands. Furthermore, a main focus will be set on her fashion start-up "uptraded" and the launch of her app. Her grade point average is 1.24.

Ing. Stefan Kohlgrüber, BSc studies in the master program „Mechatronik & Smart Technologies“ and impresses with a grade point average of 1.26. He wants to continue working on improvements to the open-source project dVRK (da Vinci Research Kit), with which 38 universities worldwide are conducting research, and wants to use the scholarship for his project work. He plans to enter directly into the R&D department of an innovative industrial company and to pursue a PhD program.

Celina Greiner, BA, Masters student in „International Business & Law“, is currently in Scotland to take her double degree at Napier University. She would like to use the DFK sponsorship award for a research stay in Ireland in order to lay the optimal foundation for her master thesis. This she would like to achieve with expert interviews in large tech companies to be able to concentrate specifically on the topic of cultural work in companies. Her grade point average is 1.30.

At the LFU the awards went to Gabriele Calliari, BSc, Thomas Moser, BSc and Johanna Stüger and at the Medical University to Lucas Rubisoier.

The MCI offers its warm congratulations to them all.