November 23rd 2020

How the digital age is changing lifelong learning systems within companies

‘Digital Learning’ Conference at MCI on new, digital forms of learning- and working methods | Successfully integrating digital learning methods into the company

Claudia Mössenlechner leads the virtual conference at MCI on the subject of digital learning. (c)MCI
Claudia Mössenlechner leads the virtual conference at MCI on the subject of digital learning. (c)MCI

The pandemic has not only changed how we learn at work in the short term. The future is digital.  However, how should methods of teaching, continuing education and work in companies develop to remain successful in the digital age?

Experts explored this question during the virtual conference at the MCI on "Digital Learning - New Forms of Learning and Working". 65 participants, mostly from the field of human resources in German-speaking countries, took the opportunity to gather inspirations from experts to exchange ideas in this virtual network.

Tips on successful learning in a company

"New jobs require a new mindset for a lifelong journey," explains Luis Pinto, Director of Business Development EMEA, Udemy Government. As the world's largest marketplace of online learning opportunities, Udemy publishes an annual skills report that analyzes skill gaps for future labor markets.

According to Luis Pinto, to remain successful in a dynamic environment, companies need to make continuous learning within organizations and online learning a fundamental part of their operations. That being said, it is important to consider that multitasking can easily become a stumbling block and that learning in small chunks has to happen constantly in order to increase the transfer of learning, explains Christian Schernthaner, Head of Learning and Development at Duftner Digital. Maria Pammer, Head of Studies at the MCI, added, that companies in particular should not forget informal learning contexts.

Properly guided, the digital learning journey is able to inspire the creation of integrated learning experiences, creating better education, smarter organizations and a lifelong learning attitude.

Claudia Mössenlechner, Head of the Department for Learning Solutions at MCI emphasizes: "Webinars alone are not the solution to everything. We have to integrate individual learning units into learning paths that make sense. At the end of such a path there is always change. Then we know that we have learned something".

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