December 02nd 2020

Certification: Covid-19 prevention

Digital COVID-19 training for tourism enterprises | Certification now available in gold and silver for transparent prevention concepts

MCI and create certificates for COVID-19 officers in tourism. (c)MCI

MCI and are anchoring hygiene concepts in local tourism businesses through certified online learning tools. The Austrian winter season and safety in winter ski resorts are currently a hot topic of discussion throughout Europe. Austrian tourism businesses are more than motivated to implement hygiene measures efficiently and uniformly. Until the companies are allowed to open up again, they will use this time proactively to prepare. 

The Center for Innovations in Social and Health Care at the MCI is involved in the SAFE SERVICE Tyrol initiative together with the digitization company This initiative, which is coordinated by the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce, trains employees in tourism companies in the safe use of COVID-19 hygiene measures.

"The results of the research project at the MCI "Covid-19 Risk Management Winter Season 20-21", which was supported by the states of Tyrol and Vorarlberg, provide particularly important input for this purpose, in order to support the Covid-19 officer training within the SAFE SERVICE Tyrol initiative in terms of content. 90% of all participating companies would like to see uniform standards in risk management with COVID-19," explains Siegfried Walch, MCI project manager.

The certification for SAFE SERVCIE Covid-19 representatives achieves exactly that. The simple online tool provides entrepreneurs with a quick self-assessment of their own security situation, which enables a uniform start of the season. In addition, gold and silver certificates are used to transparently communicate to guests that the companies are committed to the prevention of COVID-19 beyond the minimum requirements of general hygiene measures.

"Safe Service is a huge trend that will accompany us intensively in the coming months. I am proud that with the training for Covid-19-officers we are creating a tool for companies, which on the one hand has been developed together with experts from various disciplines and on the other hand can be implemented in simple steps in a practical way for the companies," says Dieter Duftner, CEO, summarizing the unique features of this specific training.


Enterprises, which are distinguished with the Safe service certificate in gold, fulfill at least 90% of the defaults in the prevention concept and all legal requirements/ordinances are fully convertible in the respective enterprise. The remaining 10% of the defaults may concern only non-essential or not legally given measures.

Companies with the silver certificate fulfill 70% of the requirements in the prevention concept and all legal requirements/regulations can be fully implemented in the respective company. The missing 30% may only concern non-essential or non-legally prescribed measures.