May 03rd 2021

New: China Center at MCI

New Center at the Entrepreneurial School® in Innsbruck builds bridges for economic, political and cultural exchange between Europe & China.

MCI creates new China Center. ©MCI
MCI creates new China Center. ©MCI

China's incredible economic and technological development has made the world's most populated country a global leader in many areas and catapulted it to the top of the league of industrialized nations.

Meanwhile, foreign trade between Europe and China alone embodies a value of 600 billion euros, or 16% of Europe's foreign trade volume. China is present on global markets, is shaping unimagined future fields with innovative technologies, is investing in renewable energies and is confronting established democratic systems and value systems with new questions and challenges.

In order to actively bring domestic students into contact with relevant topics and issues, provide expertise, build bridges, promote networking with Chinese universities and support mutual scientific, economic and cultural exchange, MCI has decided to establish a China Center.

"The China Competence Center at the Entrepreneurial School® in Innsbruck was established in regards of this development," explains MCI Rector Andreas Altmann. "It is intended to serve as a hub for knowledge about China and exchange with China's business, political and social communities."

Dr. Wei Manske-Wang, who was appointed Associate Professor at the Entrepreneurial School in fall 2020, has been recruited to lead the new MCI China Center. Dr. Wei Manske-Wang was born in China, worked for decades as a successful manager in German-speaking countries and is a proven expert in teaching, research and practice on the topic of international and intercultural management with a special focus on activities in Asia. "China is my first home, Europe the second, in which I now live and have found my center of life. Bringing the two worlds closer together is a fantastic task and gives me personally a lot of pleasure," explains Dr. Wei Manske-Wang.

The China Center offers MCI students and executives customized expertise in lectures, seminars, study programs, continuing education programs and various events. Furthermore, the China Center at MCI intends to initiate practice-oriented research and development projects and thus provide in-depth know-how for the domestic location in the fields of business and society.

"To turn a blind eye to China would be to negate a development that affects us all substantially and will become even more important in the future. We should actively address the opportunities, risks and challenges and derive well-founded decisions and measures from this," says MCI Rector Andreas Altmann, pleased with the newly created opportunities at the Entrepreneurial School®.

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