July 09th 2021

Award for digital excellence

Renowned accreditation agency FIBAA awards Entrepreneurial School® innovative seal of approval for excellence in digital teaching | MCI confirmed highest quality for digital, competence-oriented and interactive teaching and learning formats with state-of-the-art technical equipment

From left to right: MCI Rector Andreas Altmann, Managing Director FIBAA Diane Freiberger and Provincial Science Councillor Annette Leja. ©MCI
From left to right: MCI Rector Andreas Altmann, Managing Director FIBAA Diane Freiberger and Provincial Science Councillor and Chair of the MCI General Assembly Annette Leja. ©MCI

The 'Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation' (FIBAA) is a renowned international quality and accreditation agency based in Bonn and Zurich, which supports universities in the further development of their services by developing this innovative and future-oriented certification, together with experts.

Digitization is changing the world and therefore does not stop at teaching, studying and academic institutions. New business models, courses of study, processes and markets are emerging at a rapid pace. This makes it all the more important to have efficient quality management systems that offer transparency and orientation to applicants, students, alumni and employers. The FIBAA quality seal "Excellence in Digital Education", developed by experts, is dedicated to this enormously important topic and examines in particular the criteria of a digitization strategy, the qualification of personnel, technical equipment, didactic design and quality assurance.

In the course of the accreditation process, the MCI was able to demonstrate that the standards for excellence in digital teaching were met and even exceeded in certain areas. In particular, the criteria of further qualification of teaching staff, teaching methods, learning platforms and technical support were rated as outstanding by an international panel of experts.

The certificate was presented at a ceremony on July 1, 2021 in the presence of Annette Leja, MCI's Regional Minister for Science and Chair of the MCI General Assembly.


"The MCI not only bears the prestigious double premium seal for the entire university, but now also receives the coveted seal for "Excellence in Digital Teaching. The MCI's international reputation is no accident!" Diane Freiberger, Executive Director FIBAA, Bonn.

"For the MCI, this award is a confirmation of the activities and efforts intensively pursued since 2014 with regard to the digitalization of the university and the expansion of our product portfolio with online degree programs." Claudia Mössenlechner, Head of Learning Solutions and Deputy Head of the University College, MCI.

"MCI started its digitizing process back in 2000. It's great and incredibly important that FIBAA is taking on this innovative topic in terms of certification and thus taking important steps with regard to international quality standards for online teaching." Peter Mirski, Head of IT Services and Head of Department Management, Communication & IT, MCI.

"We made a conscious decision to seek this voluntary accreditation. The external expertise to obtain this seal of approval supports us in continuously developing our own processes and competencies." Brigitte Auer, Head of Quality Management, Human Resources Development & Recruiting, MCI.

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