July 06th 2021

New student representatives

MCI students elect representatives | Nine new mandataries represent the interests of students at the Entrepreneurial School®.

MCI students elect representatives.
Photo description: From left to right: Ellen Richter, Manfred Forstinger, Laura Flür, MCI Rector Andreas Altmann. ©MCI_Geisler

The Austrian Students’ elections of 2021 have resulted in a change of mandataries for the student representation at the MCI. For the upcoming term of office, the nine mandates at the Entrepreneurial School® will be held by three different lists: L.U.St. - Your List of Independent Students at MCI, Action Group and Young Liberal Students - JUNOS.

The newly elected members of the MCI Representation intend to approach their tasks with renewed enthusiasm and fresh ideas.

The following mandates are assumed by the chairpersons:

  • Manfred Forstinger - Chairman (Master's program in International Business & Management)
  • Laura Flür - 1st Deputy Chair (Bachelor's program in Industrial Engineering & Management).
  • Ellen Richter - 2nd Deputy Chair (Bachelor's program in Digital Business & Software Engineering).

The other members of the MCI University Representation are:

  • Magdalena Dorner (Bachelor's program in Management & Law)
  • Annina Ecker (Bachelor's program in Digital Business & Software Engineering)
  • Isabella Kocher (Bachelor's program in Business & Management)
  • Katharina Koitz (Bachelor's program in Tourism Business Studies)
  • Gabriel Schmidhäusler (Bachelor's program in Industrial Engineering & Management)
  • Stephan Unterholzner (Bachelor's program in Management & Law).

The MCI would like to thank the last student representatives for their exceptional commitment and their professional and constructive cooperation. The Entrepreneurial School® would like to congratulate all the new mandataries on their election and is looking forward to a good working relationship.

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