October 05th 2021

Air filters in MCI starting in fall 2021

CARE BY LIGHT provides over 100 filter units to disinfect room air in MCI lecture halls | Application-oriented research for safe operation in fall term 2021

The seTUBE air is used in lecture halls at MCI.
The seTUBE air is used in lecture halls at MCI. ©MCI_Kiechl

CARE BY LIGHT, a joint start-up of PLANLICHT and MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® will provide more than 100 filter devices for cleaning and disinfecting room air for lecture halls at the Entrepreneurial School® in Innsbruck with the start of studies in the fall.

The filter units will be positioned at the MCI in high-traffic areas such as seminar rooms, laboratories, office units or common areas. This is to minimize the risk of coming into contact with coronaviruses, germs or similar.

Many other air filters merely circulate the fresh air. With the product "seTUBE air" the Tyrolean start-up wants to go a new way by filtering the room air in one step and disinfecting it in parallel.

"seTUBE air" uses a highly efficient filter assembly and a UV-C LED ultraviolet module. Specially made HEPA13 filters capture 99.9% of aerosols and particles larger than 0.1 to 0.3 m carrying bacteria, viruses, fungi or other microorganisms. The C-band UV LED can destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in the cells of these pathogenic organisms. As a result, the cells eventually die or are deactivated and the effect of disinfecting the recirculated room air occurs.

"MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® has put in place a comprehensive security concept with the start of studies for the winter semester 2021/22 to enable secure classroom teaching. The safety precautions precisely include the disinfection of room air to ensure the safety of students, faculty and non-academic staff at the Entrepreneurial School®," explains Tommy Mayr, head of the COVID-19 crisis team at MCI. 

CARE BY LIGHT offers other innovative products for healthcare, hospitality and more.

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