November 03rd 2021

European University Ulysseus meets at MCI

Realization of "European University" with global impact | Focus on student mobility and European research projects

Rector of the University of Seville Miguel Angel Castro Arroyo and Rector of MCI Andreas Altmann. ©MCI_Kiechl
Rector of the University of Seville Miguel Angel Castro Arroyo and Rector of MCI Andreas Altmann. ©MCI_Kiechl

The establishment of "European Universities" is at the center of the European Commission's science policy. Initiated by the French President Emanuel Macron, up to 50 of such top institutions are being established in Europe, combining the strengths of European science and higher education. Together with the University of Seville (Spain, lead), University of Cote d'Azur (France), University of Genoa (Italy), Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Finland) and Košice University of Technology (Slovakia), the MCI is a key player of the Ulysseus project funded by the European Commission.

The focus of the meeting, which lasted several days, was on the development of joint strategies and plans and the timely implementation of initial projects at MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®. "We are proud to be a supporting pillar in the realization of this great European idea," said Prof. Siegfried Walch, who is responsible for the project at MCI, expressing his delight. "Over the next few years, we will be devoting ourselves intensively to an enormous European development project that will keep the European higher education area competitive in a global context."

"The fact that Innsbruck is serving as the venue for the constituent and first face-to-face meeting" makes me happy as Mayor of the Provincial Capital of Innsbruck" concurs Mayor Georg Willi. "Now that the Maximilian Year is concluded, it is our ambition to place Innsbruck once again at the center of European activity."

"What our team is once again accomplishing here with incredible energy and high competence amazes me every day," adds Rector Andreas Altmann. "I congratulate the team around Prof. Siegfried Walch and thank our European partners and the European Commission for their trust and excellent cooperation. Ulysseus is another milestone in our consistent path of internationalization and global visibility."

Student mobility

At the Joint International Center (IC), located at the Entrepreneurial University® in Innsbruck, the mobility of 182,000 students, 20,000 teachers and thousands of decision-makers in management & administration is at the heart of the program. Part of the mobility program is also an innovative green deal for climate protection, a welcome program and the introduction of a European Student Card.

Research Coordination 'COMPASS

The COMPASS project team is developing the joint strategy and concrete action plans to position Ulysseus as a powerful "hub" for research & innovation. COMPASS is a Horizon 2020 project and the flagship of Ulysseus' research and innovation agenda and strategy.

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