December 21st 2021

MCI Community projects 2020/21

MCI students support charitable projects | 17 MCI Community Projects successfully implemented in the academic year 2020/21 | Cooperations with international organizations

This very hands-on type of learning is supported and accompanied by MCI teaching staff as part of regular courses. ©MCI/Kasper
This very hands-on type of learning is supported and accompanied by MCI teaching staff as part of regular courses. ©MCI/Kasper

For several years now, MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® has enabled its students to apply and increase the knowledge and creativity they have already acquired on the basis of concrete and practical issues in MCI Community Projects. In these projects, MCI students work closely with external partners on problems and issues geared to non-profit purposes.

Even the pandemic could not slow down the students' motivation for work. The projects completed this past academic year are diverse; ranging from developing design ideas for the Youth Red Cross website, to conducting interviews with international experts on the Children's Rights Resolution, to surveying the housing needs of people with disabilities as they age, and much more.

Many of the project partners are local NGOs and associations such as the Austrian Red Cross or Lebenshilfe Tirol but also international partners such as Austrian Doctors or the Social Innovation Academy from Uganda are involved.

The partners were enthusiastic:

"It's great to get a fresh view from the outside. Working with the students was a lot of fun. My team and I are pleased with the excellent starting points and good results of the project work," Manuela Schweigkofler, Managing Director Haus der Begegnung.

"Wonderful how the young people got involved. Moreover, it was a pleasure to discuss with them and to get to know the many great ideas." Werner Kräutler, chairman of Schule der Alm.

"Working with the project group was extremely enjoyable. They worked independently and contributed their own ideas. Lebenshilfe Tirol is happy about the good cooperation and the helpful result." - Feedback Tabea Ebel, Lebenshilfe Tirol

"Collaborations like this one with the MCI's Nonprofit, Social and Health Management program are win-win-win for everyone - for the students, for those affected, for us as an NGO, for the MCI and for all of us as a society. Gladly again at any time!" - Dr. Margit Schäfer, former Vice President Red Cross Tyrol

The MCI is also delighted with the many successful projects, which not only enable students to put their knowledge and skills into practice, but also give them scope for social commitment.

Andreas Altmann, MCI Rector: "Social impact is an important part of our mission, and at the same time it is a matter close to our hearts to instill an awareness of civic engagement and social responsibility in our students. The MCI Community Projects are an ideal context to realize these goals."



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APPLICATION: Community Projects 2022

Next round: applications for new projects

The initiative will go into the next round in the next academic year. Interested institutions can apply with a concrete project idea. In addition to non-profit institutions, companies, foundations and the like are particularly encouraged to apply if they would like to make a contribution in the aforementioned areas in collaboration with the MCI as an academic partner and with the involvement of students. 

If you are interested, please contact: