July 01st 2022

MCI wins two Eduard Wallnöfer Awards

Eduard Wallnöfer Foundation of Tyrolean Industry grants awards to MCI researchers for future-oriented projects | Sustainability and innovation convince the jury

MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® reports great news: The prestigious Eduard Wallnöfer Award goes to MCI researchers for their outstanding research projects. Lukas Möltner and Verena Schallhart from the Department of Industrial Engineering & Management as well as Harald Schöbel and Mira Mutschlechner from the Department of Biotechnology and Food Engineering are honored for their innovative and sustainable research work.

The main award goes to Lukas Möltner and Verena Schallhart. Together they have developed a new kind of ceramic material to make the production of everyday products, such as food or plastics, more sustainable. The material, which is suitable for use in reaction engineering due to its electrical conductivity, can be used to heat chemical reactors using renewable electrical energy, significantly reducing production-related carbon dioxide emissions.

The recognition award is presented to Harald Schöbel and Mira Mutschlechner. They are researching sustainable preservation methods for products to extend their lifespan. Innovative methods, such as irradiation with UV-C light based on LED technology, can destroy microorganisms that colonize the surface. This improves the shelf life of products without the use of artificial preservatives or heat. The promising processes can be applied in the food industry as well as in the preservation of cosmetics, paints or varnishes.

Eduard Wallnöfer Award

The Eduard Wallnöfer Foundation awards the "Eduard Wallnöfer Award for Research and Study Projects" every year. The award is given to those projects which, in the broadest sense, are in the interest of the province of Tyrol and contribute to its social, cultural or economic development.

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