November 25th 2022


Stefan Brida and Lukas Krane receive Award of Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research 2022 for their innovative Master’s theses

Two master's graduates of MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® have received this year's award from the Federal Ministry of Education, Science & Research. Stefan Brida, master’s graduate in Entrepreneurship & Tourism, and Lukas Krane, master’s graduate in Environmental, Process and Energy Engineering, were honored for their outstanding academic achievements and Master's theses at the award ceremony in Vienna.

In the course of his master's thesis, MCI graduate Stefan Brida examined the question "Is the vacation hotel industry ready for dynamic pricing?" and researched the perceived fairness of dynamic price management in the hotel industry in Tyrol and Vorarlberg. With the help of empirical surveys of hotel guests, he developed concrete suggestions for the successful introduction of dynamic pricing in the hotel industry.

MCI graduate Lukas Krane's master's thesis is about extracting chemical raw materials from renewable resources. This special process produces a sought-after base substance for industry from the carbohydrate base of a plant and could be used in the production of plastic bottles in the future.

Award of Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research 2022

The Award of the Federal Minister of Education, Science and Research, financed by student funding, annually honors the best 55 diploma and master's degrees out of around 16,000 degrees from all universities in Austria. This year, 15 prizes were awarded nationwide in the higher education sector.


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