December 06th 2022

Excellence at MCI: Teaching Award 2021/22

Anna Götzendorfer, Michael Meister und Silvia Öttl mit MCI Teaching Award ausgezeichnet

In recognition of their outstanding achievements in teaching, three lecturers received the MCI Teaching Award 2021/22. The MCI Academic Council selects the award winners based on the course evaluations of students in all degree programs within an academic year, taking into account the scientific foundation, relevance, and applicability of the contents taught. The MCI Teaching Award is awarded annually since 2015.


Anne Götzendorfer | Bachelor Biotechnology & Food Engineering

Anne Götzendorfer has been teaching management-oriented business administration in the Bachelor Biotechnology and Food Engineering program at MCI since 2017. Her students emphasize her didactic methods, her commitment and her enthusiasm with which she makes her lectures lively and motivates them to participate.

Michael Meister | Bachelor Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering

Michael Meister has been a professor in at the Department of Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering since 2017. His lectures include modeling and simulation of wastewater treatment plants as well as numerical flow simulations. Students particularly appreciate his ability to explain complex content in a simple way using appropriate examples, which is one of the reasons why he has already received the Teaching Award for the second time.

Silvia Öttl | Bachelor Smart Building Technologies; Bachelor Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering

Since 2021, Silvia Öttl has been Senior Lecturer in the Smart Building Technologies degree program, teaching in the areas of mathematics, building physics and project management. Her students praise the high degree of practical and applicable relevance of her content, the valuable feedback from mid-term examinations, and the pleasant atmosphere in the courses.


Deputy Head of the Academic Council at MCI Claudia Mössenlechner is proud: "The success factors of excellent teaching are rooted in subject expertise and good didactics, but the human component in the learning process plays an equally important role. In any case, the winners of this year's Teaching Award have proven that they can inspire students for their subject while promoting the courage to tackle challenges openly and actively."


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