December 14th 2022

MCI signs cooperation with Novartis/Sandoz

Practice-oriented study cooperation with global biopharma company | Exciting opportunities for students of the Entrepreneurial School®

MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® is delighted to have gained another outstanding corporate partner: the international biopharmaceutical company Novartis/Sandoz will support MCI students of the bachelor's program "Biotechnology & Food Engineering" and the master's program "Biotechnology” with relevant and practical expertise in courses, projects and internships and involve them in the company’s operational processes.

The recently signed cooperation agreement with Novartis/Sandoz offers students of the MCI bachelor's program "Biotechnology & Food Engineering" the opportunity to apply for the attractive cooperation positions of the globally operating corporation at the end of the third semester. There, the selected students complete their professional internship during the lecture-free period between the fourth and fifth semesters and write their bachelor's thesis on fascinating company-specific topics in the sixth semester. The cooperation is similar for the students of the MCI master's program "Biotechnology". They can apply for cooperation positions as early as the end of the first semester in order to work at Novartis/Sandoz during the lecture-free periods and write their master's thesis there.

In addition, experts from Novartis/Sandoz provide support in courses and guest lectures at the MCI and offer field trips for students to the Kundl and Schaftenau plants. Prof. Christoph Griesbeck, Head of the Department of Biotechnology & Food Engineering, says, "I am very pleased that our many years of good collaboration in terms of content has now resulted in an official cooperation agreement and is thus being intensified even further. This fantastic step also strengthens Tyrol as a life science location."

Mario Riesner, Head Large Molecules & Injectables Platform at Sandoz Technical Operations and MCI alumnus, adds, "I studied at the MCI myself and know about the quality of teaching at the Entrepreneurial School®. Therefore, I am even more excited about the new cooperation, and I am convinced that everyone will benefit from it - the students through practical expertise and Novartis/Sandoz through scientific impulses. For me, this is a perfect combination."


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 Patricia Pichler, BA | Marketing Manager Marketing & Communications
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Prof. Dr. Christoph Griesbeck | Head of Department & Studies Bachelor's program Biotechnology & Food Engineering
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