May 26th 2023

MCI Creativity Awards 2023: Innovation meets start-up spirit

The Entrepreneurial School® rewards business ideas from students | High degree of feasibility and market opportunities decisive factors

Entrepreneurial spirit gets you far at MCI: Each year, the Entrepreneurial School® recognizes the best business and product ideas of its students with the MCI Creativity Award. This year, 79 students from various disciplines and research areas demonstrated their creativity, entrepreneurial potential, and social responsibility with 35 exciting single and team submissions.

A jury of experts evaluated the submitted business concepts in a demanding multi-stage selection process. Ten ideas were chosen for the final round based on several criteria such as degree of innovation, utility, potential, and unique selling points. The five best concepts received cash prizes. Additionally, two special awards were awarded: the special award for "Project with the greatest social impact" and the special award for the "Concept for best implementation." All finalists also received subscriptions to the daily newspaper "Die Presse."

The winners and their ideas:

1st place: Stefan Dobler
(Bachelor Digital Business & Software Engineering)

BionicAI provides a barrier-free opportunity for people with visual impairments to participate in professional and educational environments. Through its innovative combination of hardware and software, this smartphone-based visual aid offers a cost-effective and portable alternative to existing systems.

2nd place: Jasmin Eder und Ruben Freiherr von Stein-Liebenstein zu Barchfeld
(Master Medical Technologies)

MIRAπ is a rehabilitation device that can be used after hand paralysis to regain the function and sensitivity of the fingers through various training modes.

3rd place: Bhargav Pawar
(Master Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering)

The "ZERO-Discharge" process technology enables chemical industries to treat and reuse their wastewater catalytic wet air oxidation.

4th place & Sonderpreis „Projekt mit dem größten sozialen Impact“: Carina Dirtl, Julia Wiesinger, Kristin Kruse, Inga Plum und Carina Steyerer
(Master Soziale Arbeit, Sozialpolitik & -management)

The entrepreneurial idea "Strengthen social work in the (digital) world" deals with making social work as well as social issues more visible within the digital space, with which the team not only achieved fourth place, but was also awarded the award for the greatest social impact.

5th place: Pirmin Aster, Jan Kuhn, Matthias Falbesoner, Sascha Richter, Jürgen Zangerl und Dominik Zierler
(Bachelor Digital Business & Software Engineering)

Airlunch is an innovative ordering platform for airport restaurants that enables flight crews and airport employees to order and deliver meals easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

Special award for the "Concept for best implementation":

Manuel Ferdik (Industrial Engineering & Management), Dominik Mair, Michael Renzler und Georg Saxl

Evopix offers concRead, a battery-free sensor system that is embedded directly into buildings to wirelessly transmit measured values such as temperature or humidity to the outside. This enables permanent and non-destructive monitoring of the structural integrity of buildings.

Thank you to our sponsors and partners of the Creativity Awards 2023 for their support: Startup.Tirol, Industriellenvereinigung Tirol, daily newspaper "Die Presse", Handelskammer Schweiz.-Österreic-Liechtenstein and aws.


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