July 04th 2023

New student representatives at MCI

Students of the Entrepreneurial School® elect their new representation | JUNOS, AktionsGemeinschaft and L.U.St. hold nine mandates in the ÖH MCI

MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® is happy to welcome the new ÖH student representation as of July 01, 2023. Based on the ÖH elections 2023, nine mandates will be provided by three lists in the coming functional period at the Entrepreneurial School®:

  • JUNOS | Junge liberale Studierende
  • U.St. | Liste der Unabhängigen Studierenden am MCI
  • AG | AktionsGemeinschaft MCI

The following mandataries take over the chair functions:

  • Laura Flür – Chairwoman (JUNOS)
  • Lukas Aldrian – 1. Deputy chairman (L.U.St.)
  • Clemens Valentini – 2. Deputy chairman (JUNOS)

The other members of the MCI student representation are:

  • Rafael Ager (AG)
  • Barbara Degenberger (AG)
  • Christian Greil (L.U.St.)
  • Kevin Hetzenauer (JUNOS)
  • Jakob Waldhart (JUNOS)
  • Simon Zanon (AG)

Rector Andreas Altmann would like to thank the former student representatives on behalf of the MCI for their outstanding commitment and their highly constructive and professional cooperation:

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to far, go together, you go far," quotes Rector Altmann. On that note, the MCI team looks forward to a positive collaboration with the new MCI university representatives.

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