July 10th 2023


European University ULYSSEUS keeps on growing!

Representatives of all ULYSSEUS partner universities in Brussels (December 2022) © Óscar Romero
Representatives of all ULYSSEUS partner universities in Brussels (December 2022) © Óscar Romero

Good news: The European Commission has just selected the European University ULYSSEUS, which is being actively developed with the participation of MCI, for the second round of funding.

ULYSSEUS is a pioneering European university project that promotes cooperation between eight renowned universities in Europe:

  • MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®
  • University of Seville, E
  • University of Genova, I
  • Université Cote d’Azur, F
  • Technical University of Košice, SLO
  • Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, SF
  • University of Münster, D
  • University of Montenegro, MNE

The European Commission's decision, which was assessed by a top-class jury of experts with an impressive 92/100 points, particularly acknowledges the strong research, excellent teaching, innovative strength, regional integration, internationality and dynamics of the participating universities.

Apart from the establishment of joint European study programs at bachelor, master and doctorate level ("European Joint Programs"), the joint ULYSSEUS European University provides for the establishment of research-strong "innovation hubs". These are research, innovation, knowledge & competence centers that are strongly anchored in the environment of the respective location and operate internationally:

Innovation Hubs:

  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship & Impact: MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®
  • Sustainable Energy, Transport & Mobility: University of Seville
  • Robotics: Unversity of Genova
  • Aging & Wellbeing: Université Côte d'Azur
  • Digitalization: Technical University of Košice
  • Artificial Intelligence: Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
  • Social-ecological sustainability: University of Münster
  • Cybersecurity: Universität Montenegro

The positive decision of the European Commission is associated with a funding commitment of 12.8 million euros for the next funding period. In addition, there is national co-financing and the opportunity for European universities to submit research and project proposals to the Commission for funding.

ULYSSEUS will also grow beyond European borders in the new funding period, establishing three Ulysseus branches in countries outside Europe.


Anton Mattle, Governor of Tyrol
Cornelia Hagele, Regional Minister of Science, Education, Health & Care

"Tyrol will only be able to survive in the international competition between locations if we invest in our young people and offer them opportunities to work on the intelligent solutions of the future through research, education and innovation. We congratulate MCI and the University of Innsbruck as well as the two European university consortia ULYSSEUS and AURORA on the impressive recognition by the European Commission and wish them good luck and success in their next steps," congratulate Governor Anton Mattle and Minister Cornelia Hagele on behalf of the state of Tyrol.

Georg Willi, Mayor of the city of Innsbruck:

"With the positive assessment over the next funding period, the MCI once again demonstrates its performance in the European competition. I am very pleased that the Tyrolean capital of Innsbruck is home to two European universities, MCI / ULYSSEUS and LFUI / AURORA. Innsbruck is thus increasingly becoming an international research center, knowledge hub and powerhouse attracting bright minds from all over the world."

Siegfried Walch, MCI Head ULYSSEUS European University:

"The European Commission's decision, underlined by the impressive score of 92/100, recognizes the strong research, excellent teaching, innovative spirit, local presence, internationality and momentum of the participating universities. This great feedback from the jury also reflects the achievements of all the teams at MCI and our partner universities and their contribution to this success."

Andreas Altmann, MCI Rector:

"I am incredibly proud of the great team at the MCI, which despite the many challenges of recent years has not allowed itself to be diverted from its consistent path and is taking one step at a time to meet its ambitious goals. Many thanks to all my colleagues, our sponsors and partners and the many supporters who, under the dedicated leadership of Prof. Siegfried Walch, have brought this wonderful success to Tyrol."


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