July 07th 2023

MCI professorship to Moritz Mosenhauer

The Entrepreneurial School® awards professorship to Moritz Mosenhauer, Ph.D.

In recognition of his outstanding achievements in research and teaching and his exemplary contributions to the further development of the Entrepreneurial School®, the MCI recently awarded the professorship to Moritz Mosenhauer of the department Business Administration Online.

In 2009, Moritz Mosenhauer started his academic journey with a bachelor's degree in "East Asian Economics and Politics" at the Ruhr University Bochum. After that, he earned a master's degree in Economics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, before he went to the University of Glasgow for his Ph.D. In the course of his academic career, Moritz Mosenhauer has been awarded several scholarships and can look back on numerous publications, presentations and lectures.

In his teaching and research, Moritz Mosenhauer focuses in particular on finance, behavioral economics and statistics. In his inaugural lecture for his MCI professorship, he gave the guests an insight into his current research. He primarily discussed the behavioral patterns and decision-making processes of private households trading stocks. In 2022, he also received the coveted Tyrolean Science Fund for his research achievements.

In 2019, Moritz Mosenhauer joined the MCI Department of Business Administration Online as an assistant professor. Not only his students praise him for his enthusiastic teaching, but also his colleagues appreciate him, especially for his positivity and his "all-in" mentality: "When Moritz does something, he does it not only with full commitment, but also with a smile on his face. Through his thorough approach and his drive to improve, he is an asset to our department and the entire MCI. It is a great pleasure for us to work with him." 


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