July 12th 2023

MCI keeps on growing!

The Entrepreneurial School® receives additional study places

90 additional study places will be allocated to the Entrepreneurial School® as of fall 2023 ©MCI / Anna Geisler
90 additional study places will be allocated to the Entrepreneurial School® as of fall 2023 ©MCI / Anna Geisler

MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® in Innsbruck has received positive news. Due to high demand, the Austrian Ministry of Science has just announced that MCI will receive a total of 30 additional study places (90 study places on full expansion) in the following bachelor's degree programs in fall 2023:

  • Digital Business & Software Engineering
  • Medical, Health and Sports Engineering
  • Smart Building Technologies

The MCI is relieved, as expressed by MCI Rector Andreas Altmann, "For years, we have not been able to consider many high-quality applications due to the enormous demand, preventing promising opportunities for young people and urgently needed talents for local companies. Tthe additional study places will ease the pressure, but ultimately, this is just a drop in the bucket."

MCI Supervisory Board Chairman Oswald Wolkenstein adds, "We support the efforts of Science Minister Martin Polaschek towards the urgently needed inflation adjustment of student place funding, the realization of industry-oriented research funding and the increased promotion of European Universities. In addition, we urgently need to establish industry-related doctoral programs, which are particularly relevant for the western federal states considering the bold high-tech agenda in the neighboring states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg."

Cornelia Hagele, responsible for health, care, education, science and research in the Tyrolean government, considers the allocation of additional study places to the MCI "...a great sign of confidence in Tyrol as a location for science and business. After all, only 5 out of 21 universities of applied sciences in Austria have received additional study places. However, it would be important to expand the focus on STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) in the future and include other disciplines such as business, health, nursing, social sciences and sustainability. We need young people with the best possible scientific education in all sectors. And finally, we urgently need to strengthen application-oriented research to ensure the innovative strength and competitiveness of our economy in international competition."


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