September 12th 2023

Global MCI projects receive EU grants

Expanding internationality: Five successful project submissions with European university alliance Ulysseus

MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® is part of the European University ULYSSEUS. ©MCI / Anna Geisler
As part of the university alliance Ulysseus, MCI is strengthening its international outreach. ©MCI / Anna Geisler

MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® has received funding for five future-oriented Erasmus+ projects, developed in close cooperation with the European university alliance Ulysseus. The total funding for these innovative educational projects is 1,710,000 euros, with the MCI generating 335,489 euros in third-party funding.

The diverse projects address current issues: virtual reality for international mobility (project "READY, IMMERSE AND GO!"), nutritional resilience in Africa (project "NEEMA"), incubator programs for students (project "CURATE") and the development of excellent Erasmus Mundus Joint master's programs (projects "SMILE" and "EMFORTM"). The projects are currently in the contracting process and will start within the next few weeks.

Siegfried Walch, Head of Ulysseus at MCI, is pleased with the positive news: "The successful outcome of this competitive EU program underscores MCI's high level of competence and the impact of the Ulysseus European University alliance in the development of innovative educational initiatives. These projects contribute to enriching the educational offerings in Europe and to meeting future challenges on a European and global level."

About Ulysseus

MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® is part of the European university alliance Ulysseus, which aims to enable students, researchers and graduates to move freely between the eight partner universities in Spain, Italy, France, Slovakia, Austria, Finland, Germany and Montenegro.


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