October 06th 2023

MCI elects Supervisory Board Chair

Re-election of Oswald Wolkenstein as Chairman | Michael Mairhofer as new Vice Chairman | Resignation of Wolfgang Eichinger

V.l.n.r.: Michael Mairhofer, Oswald Wolkenstein, Wolfgang Eichinger, Andreas Altmann. ©MCI
From left to right: Michael Mairhofer, Oswald Wolkenstein, Wolfgang Eichinger, Andreas Altmann. ©MCI

With the unanimous re-election of the previous Chairman Oswald Wolkenstein, the MCI Supervisory Board has chosen continuity, confirming the dedicated work of Oswald Wolkenstein, Managing Director of the sectors Industry, Banking and Insurance of the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce. Oswald Wolkenstein has chaired the Supervisory Board since its first establishment in 2020 and before that had already chaired the legal advisory board of the Entrepreneurial School® since 2016.

Michael Mairhofer, Managing Director of the Federation of Austrian Industries Tyrol, was unanimously elected Vice Chairman, succeeding Wolfgang Eichinger, who had held the Vice Chair since 2020 and had previously headed the University of Applied Sciences Advisory Board at the MCI with great skill and success for more than 14 years.

Wolfgang Eichinger is leaving the Supervisory Board at his own request, having resigned - also at his own request - from his long-standing chairmanship of the "Förderverein Technik" in order to pass it on into younger hands. Wolfgang Eichinger's many years of experience in top positions in the local construction industry and his high level of expertise in the development of complex projects were essential for the successful development of the MCI.


State Governor Anton Mattle: "Congratulations to Oswald Wolkenstein and Michael Mairhofer on their functions and many thanks for the close and good cooperation between the state and the Entrepreneurial School® MCI. It is good to know that we have such high-quality educational & scientific institutions, which are also endorsed by the local population and our economy. I'm looking forward to continued good cooperation in education, research and innovation."

Mayor Georg Willi: Mayor Georg Willi: "Oswald Wolkenstein and Michael Mairhofer have a lot of experience on the boards of MCI and I am pleased that they will continue to contribute their great expertise to the Supervisory Board. This expertise is of the utmost importance, especially regarding the new MCI Campus. I wish the new chairmanship every success and thank Wolfgang Eichinger for his many years of service to the MCI."

Oswald Wolkenstein: "Austria and Tyrol are envied internationally for the success of the 'Entrepreneurial School®' MCI. We must continue on the path we have taken with the guiding principles of quality, internationality and innovation with entrepreneurial drive. I am very grateful for the trust placed in me by my colleagues on the Supervisory Board and look forward to continuing our work with a highly committed team."

Michael Mairhofer: "The MCI is an important partner for local industry and is a powerhouse for us in terms of technology, innovation, business proximity and performance orientation, and enjoys the highest international reputation. This potential must be used, and I will gladly devote my energy to the further positive development of the Entrepreneurial School®."

Wolfgang Eichinger: "I have enjoyed my task for many years. With now 3,500 students, 15,000 alumni, 300 partner universities, comprehensive research achievements and 4,000 applications annually for one of the coveted study places, the MCI is a guiding star in the local science and education landscape. Now it is time to finally implement the MCI Campus, which has been promised for many years, to continue the success story."

Jakob Grüner, Chairman MCI General Assembly: "The success of the MCI and its reputation depend to a large extent on the acting persons who tirelessly and with a great deal of know-how, time and heart and soul make the MCI what it is: an internationally recognized and well-known Entrepreneurial School® that advances Tyrol as a business, science and research location and is good for the provincial capital of Innsbruck. With Wolfgang Eichinger, a person to whom the MCI and its stakeholders owe a great debt of gratitude for his many years of service is leaving the Supervisory Board. At the same time, I am pleased that with the re-election of Oswald Wolkenstein and the new election of Michael Mairhofer, very experienced people are still at work."

Andreas Altmann, MCI Rector: "As a member of the supervisory board of a university, you not only take on a lot of work on your desk and shoulders, often involving evenings and weekends, but also assume enormous responsibility. This is probably particularly the case at an 'Entrepreneurial School®' like the MCI, which is characterized by a wealth of ideas, innovative projects and a constantly growing volume of business. All the more reason to appreciate the commitment of all the members of the Supervisory Board and, above all, the enormous dedication of the Supervisory Board chairmanship team, and to thank outgoing Vice Chairman Wolfgang Eichinger for his many years of tireless work and constructive input."


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