December 06th 2023

MCI awards senatorship to Wolfgang Eichinger

Academic honor for many years of service to the university and location

Since MCI's foundation 27 years ago, only five honorary senatorships have been awarded. This makes it all the more special that after more than ten years of abstinence, Wolfgang Eichinger received the honorary senatorship.

For many years, Wolfgang Eichinger has accompanied, promoted, supported and defended the MCI with care, energy, empathy and passion as Chairman of the Association for the Promotion of Technology, Member of the General Assembly, Chairman of the MCI Academic Advisory Board, Vice Chairman of the General MCI Advisory Board and Vice Chairman of the MCI Supervisory Board.

This deserves our full recognition, respect and appreciation. As a result, the MCI Honorary Committee has unanimously decided to award him the title of Honorary Senator.

Jakob Grüner, MCI General Assembly: "Senator h.c. Wolfgang Eichinger has left his impression on Tyrol and beyond with buildings that now enjoy cult status. He has brought this expertise to the MCI with professionalism and passion."

Oswald Wolkenstein, Chairman of the MCI Supervisory Board: "Congratulations, dear Senator h.c. Wolfgang Eichinger, for your tireless commitment. Your expertise, prudence and perseverance have brought the MCI to where we are today!"

Franz Pegger, Head of the MCI Academic Council: "With Wolfgang Eichinger, we have been able to rely on a strong, reliable and constructive personality for many years, who has accompanied and shaped the MCI with a sharp mind and great judgment."

Andreas Altmann, MCI Rector: "The business, science and education location of Tyrol owes its gratitude to you. A particularly big THANK YOU comes from the MCI, which has been able to rely on your expertise, advice and support for many years."


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