February 08th 2024

Land Tirol supports MCI Research Center for Innovation in Social and Health Care

Center for Social & Health Innovation at MCI funded with 192,000 euros | Research in digital technologies, public health, and artificial intelligence

MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® in Innsbruck. ©MCI / Anna Geisler
The Center for Social & Health Innovation at MCI focuses on challenges in social and health care. ©MCI / Anna Geisler

The Center for Social & Health Innovation (CSHI) at MCI deals with current regional, national, and international challenges in the social and healthcare sector. The results of the research center serve as a scientific basis for innovative projects and flow into the further development of Tyrol as a health and science location. Land Tirol supports the important work of the MCI Research Center and is providing 192,000 euros for the years 2024 to 2028 at the request of Tyrolean Health and Science Councilor Cornelia Hagele.

The focus of the multidisciplinary team is on cross-method research in digital technologies, artificial intelligence, public health, and health policy. In addition to its research activities, the CSHI organizes conferences with relevant stakeholders from social and health institutions in order to build a bridge between research and practice. The CSHI also carries out ongoing projects and international collaborations, some of which have been awarded scientific prizes, such as the „Österreichischen Gesundheitskompetenzpreis 2023“.


Mario Gerber, Tyrolean Councilor for Economy, Tourism and Digitization: “Digitalization is the future - at all levels and in all areas of society, be it health, education, science, or business. The digitization offensive in the health sector is part of the overall strategy of the state of Tyrol. The funds provided will all help Tyrol to position itself broadly in this regard and drive digitization forward."

Cornelia Hagele, Tyrolean Councilor of Science, Education and Health: “Telemedicine and eHealth are fixed components of the future of healthcare in Tyrol. On the one hand, the use of digital applications and electronic health services such as telemonitoring relieves the burden on healthcare staff by facilitating cooperation between the various facilities and agencies in the care process. On the other hand, telehealth services should facilitate access to healthcare services for patients and, above all, improve the quality of life of people dealing with chronical illnesses."

Siegfried Walch, Head of the MCI Department Nonprofit, Social & Health Care Management: "It is important to design comprehensible and accurate health communication in such a way that it is received and understood by citizens despite widespread misinformation. Research at the CSHI therefore not only aims to create a scientific basis, but also to provide an evidence-based and practical foundation for decision-making in politics and society."

Lukas Kerschbaumer, Head of the bachelor’s program of Nonprofit, Social & Health Care Management: "The CSHI focuses on researching social factors that have a positive or negative influence on digitization in the healthcare system. The aim is to examine the different living environments of different groups of people in society and to investigate how suitable and targeted access to social and health services can be accepted by society."


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