February 29th 2024

Yale, Stanford & Co: MCI students at US elite universities

Seven MCI students receive prestigious Marshall Plan Scholarship  |  MCI with impressive success rate  |  Research stays at top universities

In order to strengthen scientific exchange between Austria and the USA, the Marshall Plan Scholarship is awarded annually to Austrian students with outstanding academic achievements and innovative research projects. This year, all seven applicants at MCI can look forward to the unique opportunity to spend six to eight months conducting research at one of the best universities in the world.

  • Markus Aznaid  |  Yale University  |  Medical, Health & Sports Technologies (Bachelor)
  • Jasmin Eder  |  Yale School of Medicine  |  Medical Technologies (Master)
  • Leo Huber  |  University of Central Florida  |  Medical Technologies (Master)
  • Mathis Abe  |  Embry Riddle Aeronautical University  |  Mechatronics (Bachelor)
  • Elias Karner  |  Embry Riddle Aeronautical University  |  Mechatronics (Bachelor)
  • Philipp Thoma  |  Stanford University  |  Mechatronics & Smart Technologies (Master)
  • Tim Dimmerling  |  University of California, Santa Barbara  |  Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering (Master)


Andreas Altmann, MCI Rector: "The Marshall Plan Scholarship offers an outstanding opportunity for our students to carry out promising research projects at renowned universities, establish contacts with leading research groups, gain valuable experience, and develop their own personal skills. This scholarship is not only a recognition of excellent academic performance, but also a confirmation of the high academic quality of the MCI."

Cornelia Hagele, Tyrolean Councilor of Science, Education, and Research: "The research stays made possible by the Marshall Plan Scholarship not only open up new horizons for the students, but also help to strengthen the visibility of the MCI and our location in the international research landscape. Congratulations to the students on this valuable opportunity."

Oswald Wolkenstein, Chairman of the MCI Supervisory Board: “The fact that MCI students are regularly invited by the best universities in the world for research stays confirms the exemplary quality and international recognition of the MCI in science and business.”

Jakob Grüner, Chairman MCI General Assembly: "Research stays like this are crucial for a successful international career. It is very impressive that MCI students have access to such opportunities and pursue them with such dedication.”

Marshall Plan Scholarship

The renowned Marshall Plan Scholarship supports research stays at prestigious elite universities in the USA. Since 2009, MCI students have regularly received the coveted scholarship. Every year, MCI is one of the universities with the highest success rate in Austria.


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