March 06th 2024

MCI involved in research on 3D-printed eyelids from Tyrol

Realistic replica of the human eyelid using a 3D printer  |  MCI as key research partner

Students demonstrate how to operate on the 3D-printed eyelids. ©Standortagentur Tirol
Students demonstrate how to operate on the 3D-printed eyelids. ©Standortagentur Tirol

Innovation from Tyrol: In collaboration with the Medical University of Innsbruck and the Tyrolean high-tech companies and Addion, the MCI recently presented the prototype of a 3D-printed, realistic eyelid. The printed eyelids are to be used in surgical training. Since fall 2023, the research team has been working on this pioneering research project, which is supported by the state of Tyrol with 116,000 euros over two years and in which the MCI plays a decisive role.

After the Institute of Clinical and Functional Anatomy at the Medical University of Innsbruck removes tissue samples from body donors, the team at the MCI Department of Medical & Health Technologies carries out advanced measurement procedures. The aim is to first study the mechanical material characteristics of the human eyelid and to determine the requirements for the artificially produced materials in terms of functionality, appearance, and haptics.

The resulting findings are then used to generate digital data that enables the Tyrolean companies and Addion, which specialize in 3D printing, to produce the eyelids. Around 400 complex mixtures of plastic materials are required to print the eyelids as realistically as possible. The printing process currently takes around 1.5 hours. In the future, the process could also be used for 3D printing other organs such as the thyroid gland or liver.


Eva Graf, researcher and lecturer at the MCI Department of Medical & Health Technologies: "The project, which we are working on together with the Medical University of Innsbruck and the two local companies, aims to support surgical training and develop innovative solutions in this field. At MCI, we are proud to be part of such a forward-looking project."

Cornelia Hagele, Tyrolean Councillor for Science, Research, and Health: "It is remarkable how experts from Tyrol are coming together to jointly create solutions for current challenges in the health care sector. This research project not only demonstrates the innovative drive of the participating institutions, but also underlines Tyrol's important role in medical technology research."

Oswald Wolkenstein, Chairman of the MCI Supervisory Board: "It is great that the Entrepreneurial School® is once again playing a key role in a pioneering research project - another impressive example of the MCI's great importance for our location in education, technology, and economy."

Jakob Grüner, Chairman of the MCI General Assembly: "The fact that the MCI is part of this highly topical project confirms the scientific competence, agility, and innovative strength of the Entrepreneurial School®, from which students, employers, corporate partners and, last but not least, Tyrol benefit immensely."


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