May 17th 2024

MCI professorship to Raphaela Stadler

The Entrepreneurial School® confers professorship to MMag. Raphaela Stadler, PhD

In recognition of her outstanding achievements in research and teaching and her exemplary contributions to the further development of the Entrepreneurial School®, the MCI recently awarded the professorship to Raphaela Stadler from the department of Tourism & Leisure Business. In the presence of family, friends, and colleagues, she was presented with her certificate by MCI Rector Andreas Altmann and Head of the Academic Council Franz Pegger, before giving fascinating insights into her research areas in her subsequent inaugural lecture.

Raphaela Stadler completed her degrees in International Business Studies and Music Studies at the University of Innsbruck and subsequently gained practical experience at numerous national and international events. She recognized the need for improvement in efficient knowledge management in event organizations, which is why she specialized in this area during her PhD studies at Griffith University in Australia.

She passed on her knowledge in event management over the last years, among others, as a senior lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire, where she also focused on research projects on "Events & Well-being" and developed recommendations for action, which are actively implemented by UK institutions.

Since 2022, Raphaela Stadler has been Associate Professor at the MCI Department of Tourism & Leisure Business, focusing on community events in her research and teaching. In her captivating inaugural lecture entitled "Empowering marginalised communities through festivals and events", she presented the value of festivals for socially disadvantaged groups in our society and how they can even be a driver for social change.

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