June 06th 2024

Students again award top marks to MCI

Top ratings for MCI in the CHE University Ranking 2024 | 52 out of 53 indicators in the top range

MCI Campus in Innsbruck Digital Business & Software Engineering ©MCI/Anna Geisler
The Digital Business & Software Engineering degree program participated in the CHE Ranking for the first time. ©MCI/Anna Geisler

Once again, the Entrepreneurial School® has been awarded top marks in the CHE University Ranking. With an outstanding overall score of 4.5 stars, the bachelor's degree program Digital Business & Software Engineering, which participated for the first time, successfully emerged from the student survey, ranking above the average of all participating universities in 13 out of 14 superordinate categories. Overall, MCI received the best ratings of all participating universities in Austria.

The overall score, presented on a 5-star scale, is composed of evaluations from various categories and sub-indicators, with MCI ranking in the top range for 52 out of 53 indicators. MCI received particularly high ratings for smooth study organization, appropriate group sizes, and dedicated faculty support. Additionally, students appreciate the comprehensive library facilities, the high practical orientation, numerous career orientation offerings, the extensive international network, and excellent career prospects.


Oswald Wolkenstein, Chairman of the MCI Supervisory Board: "With these latest top results, the MCI impressively confirms its enormous quality, competence, and performance as well as its incredible potential for the future. This must be seized for the location and MCI must be offered the urgently needed infrastructural framework conditions."

Brigitte Auer, Head of MCI Quality Management: “We consider the continuous development of our programs, processes, and competencies to be extremely important. Feedback from rankings and student surveys significantly supports us in this endeavor. We are very pleased that our quality efforts have also had such a positive impact in this year's CHE ranking.”

Andreas Altmann, MCI Rector: “The excellent results in the current CHE ranking confirm and strengthen MCI's academic position as a beacon in the European higher education landscape. The only deficits seen are in the infrastructure, which no longer meets expectations. Furthermore, we urgently need the right to award doctorates to support local companies with research-based solutions for innovative technologies, processes, products, and business models.”

Jakob Grüner, Chairman of the MCI General Assembly: "The fact that the MCI has once again achieved top ratings in an internationally respected ranking is very impressive and proves the high quality and recognition of the Entrepreneurial School®. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement." 

The CHE University Ranking

The Center for Higher Education Development was established in 1994 by the German Rectors' Conference and carries out, the CHE University Ranking, the most comprehensive university ranking in the German-speaking area. It is primarily aimed at prospective and current students as a decision-making aid but is increasingly of interest to business and society as well. The ranking considers different perspectives from students, university management, and graduates, allowing a meaningful comparison between universities.


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