June 12th 2024

MCI Sustainability Week 2024

700 participants at MCI Sustainability Week | Talks, workshops, and innovative solutions focusing on zero waste, SDGs & responsibility for the future

From June 3 to 8, this year's MCI Sustainability Week took place in Innsbruck - a week of events initiated and organized by MCI under the theme of sustainability. 700 participants, including MCI students, alumni, and employees as well as school classes, companies, and NGOs, attended the popular Sustainability Week events and proved their commitment to taking responsibility and actively contributing to a better future.

Participants were offered a varied program, which highlighted various aspects of sustainable development, including ecological, social, and economic issues. They discussed, learned, negotiated, developed, repaired, traded, examined, advised, and laughed. A particular focus was on the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in different contexts. Topics such as climate change, greenwashing, the circular economy and waste management as well as taking an active role in shaping our future were at the heart of the event.

A highlight of the MCI Sustainability Week was the event "Zero Waste 2024: Your guide to sustainable living", at which various aspects of waste management, circular economy, and sustainability communication were presented and discussed with experts from science, business, and society.

The event was organized by the MCI Center for Responsible Management & Social Impact, together with MCI students who carried out both the social media campaign and the final event as part of two practical projects, öh mci, and the MCI SDG Ambassadors. Selected events were held in cooperation with the European University Ulysseus and the Pädagogische Hochschule Tirol.

The main organizers Janine Prokesch and Regina Obexer are pleased with the renewed success of Sustainability Week: "The variety and creativity of the events have shown how lively the topic of sustainability is. We are happy about the positive response and the commitment of the participants and would like to thank everyone who made this week possible."

MCI Rector Andreas Altmann also emphasizes the importance of the event: "The MCI Sustainability Week has once again demonstrated how important it is that we work together for a sustainable future. As a university, we have a special responsibility in this regard and we are proud to contribute to this."

We would like to thank our sponsors and partners for their generous support: hollu, Swarco, ASI Reisen, Hypo Tirol, IKB, öh mci, PwC, the City of Innsbruck, and the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce.


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We thank our sponsors and partners for their generous support: