June 15th 2020

From Farm To Fork

Blog article by Jean Monnet Prof. Dr. Markus Frischhut on the topic of fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food systems

At the end of 2019, the European Commission under Ursula von der Leyen presented targets for tackling climate and environmental challenges under the so-called Green Deal. The impact of the Corona crisis raised the question of whether the pursuit of these goals could be "diluted" or delayed. Now an announcement of the European Commission has been published, which outlines the strategy for a food supply chain that is beneficial to consumers, producers, the climate, and the environment.

In his new blog post "From Farm to Fork" for Protect Our Winters (POW) Austria Jean Monnet Prof. Dr. Markus Frischhut analyses the strategy of the EU Commission for a fair, healthy, and environmentally friendly food system.

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