On the occasion of the anniversary celebration, our alumni talk about their personal career paths and detours.

In June, MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® celebrated its 25th anniversary. Our Department of Management & Law can proudly look back on a long history of success. We used the occasion to hold our own online ceremony together with our students, faculty and graduates on Friday, June 11. The focus was on our greatest achievements - the career paths of our graduates.

Four of our alumni, Bettina Hauser (Head of Human Resources, HOFER KG), Janos Juvan (CEO and Founder of OE Service GmbH), Dominick Huber (Senior Regulatory Response Associate, Airbnb) and Alexandra Lins (International Project Manager RAUCH Fruchtsäfte North America) gave a short guest presentation about their individual career paths.

The remarks our guest speakers made regarding their career ideas during their studies showed remarkable similarities. None of them would have imagined ending up in the position in which they are now working and living. Thus, the appeal was made to all those who are still searching for such opportunities to remain open to all doors, which often open spontaneously. When asked what it takes to become successful, the following keywords repeatedly came up in all four interviews: Interest, flexibility and courage. The interest in the subject matter and in learning new things. The importance of remaining flexible when faced with new challenges, and being able to courageously engage in new things.

Thus, an unexpected opportunity opened up for all of our alumni, which they embraced courageously and with an exceptional dedication to their work. It turns out that success in these four individual career paths had to be earned the hard way, and in the case of our interviewees, it was certainly worth it. We are thrilled to see all their successes and the extraordinary, sometimes amusing experiences they have made along the way. Alexandra Lins, for example, told us about her experiences with the driving test in Arizona, which was cancelled as a safety measure in the rare case of rainy weather. In contrast, Bettina Hauser and Dominick Huber rarely experienced days without rain during their time in Ireland. The fear of wet roads is therefore not really an issue.

Our team, along with long-time teachers and alumni, celebrated a convivial conclusion to our departmental ceremony in the online get-together afterwards. We had the pleasure to present short videos with greetings from our special guests, which were created especially for this occasion. With many years of teaching experience, our faculty members, as special guests, addressed our graduates in their greetings and wished them and the MCI continued success.

We are grateful for this wonderful celebration together, for every story shared, and all the students who remain connected with us after graduation. You are our greatest pride!