February 10th 2022

New Exchange Option at Coventry University

Bachelor students in "Management & Law" and Master students in "International Business & Law" will have the exciting opportunity to spend their semester abroad at Coventry University in the UK from 2022.

Repeatedly, we receive feedback from students returning from abroad about how much they have benefited from their experience and how much their horizons have been broadened as a result. No doubt this will be the case with our newest study abroad option. Coventry University is located in an extensive and modern university campus in the center of the historic city of Coventry. By train, you can reach the capital city of London within an hour, where another part of the campus is located.

The unique identity of the city of Coventry, results from the reconstruction after one of the worst airstrikes in all of Great Britain during WWII. The then destroyed cathedral in the city center became a memorial and landmark of the city. Based on this history, Coventry University also grew like a phoenix from the ashes. This mythical creature was therefore chosen as the armorial animal of the university. Founded in 1843 as the Coventry School of Design, it was granted university status and given its current name in 1992.

Our students can expect a first-class education at an institution ranked as the "top modern university for career prospects" by the Guardian 2021. In addition, they can also culturally explore the 2021 UK City of Culture and create great memories in the heart of the UK.

Our International Office and the Management & Law Department team will be happy to provide information on the most important steps in the study abroad process.