August 17th 2022


The department of Management & Law is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. We look back on years of accomplishments, challenges and growing together as a team.

In 2002, this success story started with only 1 employee, today we have grown to a team of 13 people. The academic program has also evolved in line with changing times. In 2007, for example, we switched from a diploma program to a bachelor's program and since 2010, we are additionally offering a master's program. The content of the program has also been adapted to current developments and the latest findings. Most recently, our English-language master's program was enhanced to include the topics of sustainability and diversity, in order to do justice to the responsibility that we bear as an educational institution for future developments.

1040 graduates were accompanied through their studies on this foundation. More than 700 international experiences were made as part of the exchange semester or a double degree, with some students even taking advantage of this opportunity twice as part of their bachelor's and master's degree programs. In carrying out around 160 practice related projects, students were allowed to test their theoretical knowledge on real-world challenges and create benefits for numerous companies and for their personal and professional development.

We proudly follow the career paths of our alumni, who nowadays hold positions of responsibility in renowned companies all over the world, or they are already successful entrepreneurs. Furthermore, there is still a good contact to many former students, partly because they continue their academic career as employees or as external lecturers at our department.

This indicates a friendly team atmosphere and a family-like working relationship, which has resulted not least from around 5000 lunches together, including insightful conversations, laughter and numerous "running gags".

However, cohesion and a sense of belonging also result from regular team activities outside working hours. Our annual Törggelen on the "Keschtnweg" in South Tyrol is an established tradition. Also barbecues, cooking, eating out, go karting, hiking, sports in general and finally yet importantly (due to our passionate wine lovers in the team) also joint wine tastings.

In 20 years, our department has not only grown, but also grown together. We look forward with joy and confidence to the years to come, knowing that we will continue to work together based on our small office family to ensure a successful academic and further career for our students.


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Prof. Dr. Ralf Geymayer | Head of Department & Studies Bachelor's program Management & Law
Prof. Dr. Ralf Geymayer Head of Department & Studies