May 03rd 2023


Elisabeth Schlögl gives fascinating insights into her semester abroad at Kingston University in London

Ms. Schlögl, why did you decide to spend a semester abroad in London?

I made the decision to do a double degree at Kingston University quite early on during my studies at MCI. As I am currently doing my master's in International Business and Law, I have always been interested in getting a degree in business and law.

Another reason is that KU is an internationally renowned university and I was hoping for good opportunities for further education. This has also come to pass, as the university offers many continuing education opportunities outside of its own field of study (e.g. free access to LinkedIn Learning). In addition, the research opportunities are also very impressive, as we have access to numerous databases and can also access papers from other universities.

Finally, the opportunity to spend time in London, a city known for its cultural diversity and rich offerings, was another compelling factor in my decision. Being in an international environment is very important to me, and I enjoy the opportunity to broaden my horizons whenever possible.

What has been your absolute highlight so far?
My absolute highlight so far has been the musical Lion King. The tickets are quite expensive, but the money is definitely well invested and I was really gripped by musical fever afterwards. In addition, there are sometimes offers where you can get tickets a little cheaper.

What does your daily student life look like?
You know what? I'll just take you with me! There's a TAKEOVER on Instagram and I'm really looking forward to you joining me for a day.

(Click HERE to get to the Instagram account. Then search there in the highlights for TAKEOVER and off you go to Kingston!)

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