July 05th 2024

Applying theory to practice: successful projects from past semester

Interesting Projects, innovative solutions, and creative presentations

This year, our students once again had the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. Ten small groups worked intensively on various problems for six different clients, developing innovative solutions over the past semester.

Throughout the semester, the students demonstrated dedication and professionalism in their projects. In recent weeks, they presented their results to lecturers and fellow students. These presentations showcased how effectively our students can translate theoretical knowledge into practical solutions. They impressed everyone with their professionalism, comprehensive knowledge, and creative problem-solving skills.

A special thank you goes to our project partners GPK Rechtsanwälte, CHG Rechtsanwälte, UNILAB, SPIEGLTECH, ALPENZOO, and CURAPEAK. Your trust and the intriguing assignments significantly contributed to the success of these projects. We also extend our gratitude to our students for their remarkable commitment and outstanding results. These projects exemplify the powerful connection between theory and practice in our students' education.