March 11th 2014

University of Innsbruck and the MCI cooperating at Ph.D. level

Important step in the development of the Entrepreneurial School®

Students studying for a Ph.D. at Innsbruck University will soon be able to join research groups at Management Center Innsbruck (MCI). Similarly, MCI personnel will be able to participate in the University’s research projects. This cooperation agreement, which was signed on Tuesday by Rector Tilmann Märk and Rector Andreas Altmann, promotes the establishment of interdisciplinary research teams combining the strengths of the two partners and consolidates collaboration between the two universities in line with the Campus Tyrol strategy.

“The agreement to enable Ph.D. students of Innsbruck University to write their dissertations at Management Center Innsbruck and permit graduates and research staff of the MCI to study for a Ph.D. and join research groups at Innsbruck University is a further significant step towards the goal of closer cooperation between the universities of the Tyrol,” says Tilmann Märk, Rector of Innsbruck University, and he continues: “Our efforts to create a common Campus Tyrol will further increase international awareness for our universities and the Tyrol.” Andreas Altmann, Rector of Management Center Innsbruck, adds: “With this measure, and the creation of research groups and a research infrastructure, and the resulting research output, Management Center Innsbruck is making a meaningful contribution to the scientific and business communities.”

Value added, made in Tyrol

The agreement provides for closer cooperation with regard to doctoral programs. In future, Ph.D. students from the University of Innsbruck will also be able to do the research required for their dissertations in research groups at Management Center Innsbruck. For its part, the MCI will be making a bigger contribution to research and doctoral programs at Innsbruck University. Ph.D. students will also be able to receive additional tutoring from qualified faculty and research staff at the MCI. The MCI will make the necessary infrastructure available to the Ph.D. students, while all relevant examinations must be taken at or recognized by Innsbruck University, which will also confer the degree.

Combining the strengths of two partners

“At both universities, the policy of networking and collaboration will permit joint research teams to be set up, combining the strengths of the two partners. That will benefit not only the two universities and Innsbruck and the Tyrol as a knowledge location but also the Ph.D. students themselves,” the rectors explain. “The mode of cooperation developed with the MCI is to be extended to include other Tyrolean universities,” Rector Märk adds.

Press release University Innsbruck


Brigitte Auer, Head of MCI Quality Management and HR Development:
Collaboration on Ph.D. programs with Innsbruck University makes a critical contribution to quality enhancement for our study programs and services and offers our staff attractive opportunities for adding to their academic qualifications.

Susanne Lichtmannegger, Director of the MCI’s International Office:
Joint mentoring for Ph.D. students enables them to benefit from the strengths of the two institutions and consolidates the position of the MCI at the level of international competition.

Bernd Ebersberger, Head of MCI Research Services:
Successful regional innovation is often a product of intensive collaboration between higher education establishments embedded in the international flow of knowledge. To that extent, intensive cooperation between Innsbruck University and the MCI makes a key contribution to the long-term success of the Region of the Tyrol as an innovation location.

Andreas Altmann, Rector of the MCI:
Collaboration on Ph.D. studies is an international expression of an exemplary partnership and a powerful signal for a living culture of cooperation.


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