March 11th 2014

Double distinction for the MCI

The Entrepreneurial School® has again been awarded the ECTS Label and the Diploma Supplement Label

The European Commission has awarded the MCI not only the prestigious ECTS Label but also the Diploma Supplement Label. The MCI is thus entitled to employ these two major European seals of quality in the years ahead.

ECTS stands for European Credit Transfer System and guarantees mutual recognition of credits and degrees in Europe. The MCI has received the award from the European Commission for correct and student-friendly application of the system. The ECTS panel was particularly impressed by the easily accessible and clearly structured information provided for students from abroad.

Graduates receive the Diploma Supplement together with their final certificates. It provides information on the contents of the completed study program. The supplement comes in a standard format for the whole of Europe and thus facilitates comparison of degrees from different universities at the international level. Those universities that apply this instrument correctly in all respects are awarded the Diploma Supplement Label.

The MCI already held these awards in 2009 – 2013. The renewal of the two labels is further confirmation of the MCI’s commitment to the highest standards of work at all times.

Dr. Susanne Lichtmannegger, Head of International Relations at the MCI: “The award of the two seals of approval to the MCI is a major achievement for the Entrepreneurial School®. Along with a network of 200 partner universities and a growing number of international students, it is further proof of the international orientation and quality of the MCI.”

Ulrike Fuchs
Marketing & Communication
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