March 11th 2014

Innovative Master program for Bioresource & Food Engineering starting in autumn at the MCI

As of autumn 2014, the Entrepreneurial School® is offering a new Master’s program for strengthening and networking innovative and sustainable agriculture and forestry, the food industry, and environmental, energy and bioresource engineering.

Applications now accepted.

In the context of a model technology offensive, the MCI has greatly expanded its offering in the field of Technology & Life Sciences in the last few years. With about one thousand students now studying in this segment, the Entrepreneurial School® has established itself as a competent player in the German-speaking world. The fact that this standing has not only a quantitative but also a qualitative basis is reflected by the numerous awards received and excellent results in polls and rankings.

The MCI’s latest contribution to the technology offensive is a Master’s in Bioresource & Food Engineering, which begins in autumn 2014. In order to create added value for trade and industry, society and the region, competence, research, development, innovation, net product and international networking must be systematically upgraded and strengthened in the food industry, agriculture and forestry, and in environmental, energy and bioresource engineering.

With the Bachelor in Food & Bioresource Technologies introduced in 2011 and the corresponding Master in Bioresource & Food Engineering coming in autumn of this year, the MCI has set the stage for promoting innovation, know-how and an international orientation in these disciplines of the future.

Graduates have in-depth knowledge in the fields of natural science, engineering and business management. They are capable of designing, optimizing and steering intelligent product development, manufacturing processes, packing and marketing for natural raw materials, healthy foodstuffs, organic functional and convenience foods, and biogenic side products, and they possess the relevant knowledge to succeed with their expertise at the regional, national and international levels.

While the Bachelor’s program is available for both full- and part-time students, the Master’s is being launched with an eye to the needs of working students. Thought is being given to holding classes in English in the medium term. With the new program, the MCI is offering the business community partnerships and support in terms of research, development, innovation, infrastructure and project work.

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