April 07th 2014

The MCI’s graduates award top marks

Outstanding evaluation of the university · high level of student satisfaction · efficient door to professional life · impressive career developments · excellent standing with employees

Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) received strong confirmation of the quality of its work in the latest graduate poll. The survey was conducted with all 2,129 ex-students who graduated from the Entrepreneurial School® between 2007 and 2011.

Main results:

Source: 2013 poll of MCI graduates conducted with 2,129 ex-students who graduated between 2007 and 2011. Response rate 33.1 %


Günter Platter, Governor of the Tyrol: Together we are working to further develop the Tyrol as a strong location for education and research. The MCI is an important and extremely successful partner in this respect, as the latest graduate survey so convincingly shows.

Andreas Altmann, Rector of the MCI: The feedback supplied by our graduates is an invaluable source of information that enables us to continually develop and improve our programs. I should like to thank everyone who participated for their constructive input!

Thomas Auer, Chairman of the MCI Student Council: As student representatives, we recognize the importance of cooperation between the university and the business community. The active and committed university development work performed by the MCI guarantees consolidation of its high standards of quality.

Brigitte Auer, head of Quality Management at the MCI: The feedback we receive from our graduates is an important element of our quality assurance effort and motivates us to make still further improvements to our programs, teaching and student services.

Bettina Stichauner, Chairperson of MCI Alumni & Friends: The results of the survey confirm the good work done by the whole team at the MCI. The MCI’s international networks and top-notch faculty contribute to the positive result. It is also gratifying to see that MCI graduates add the letters MCI to the degree after their names as an expression of continued identification with their university.

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