June 30th 2014

Election of student representatives for 2014

New student representatives at the Entrepreneurial School®

The new student representatives at the MCI have been elected in a multistage voting process. Following the election of the student representatives for the individual study programs, the Chairperson and Deputy Chairpersons of the MCI Student Council and the MCI delegate to the Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH) and his substitute were elected at the constitutive meeting of the Student Council.

The following students were elected as Chairperson and Deputy Chairpersons of the Student Council:

The following were also elected as student representatives at the MCI:

Markus Stotter (Nonprofit, Social & Health Care Management/International Health & Social Management)
Johanna Kern (Social Work/Social Work, Social Policy & Management)
Martin Mühlegger (Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering)
Elisabeth Schmölzl (Management & Law/International Business & Law)
Alexander Müller (Management, Communication & IT/Management, Communication & IT)
Marco Prosch (Business & Management/Business & Management/International Business)
Theresa Sandner (Food & Bioresource Technologies)
Anne Reinisch (Mechatronics/Mechatronics - Mechanical Engineering)
Daniel Schmid (Industrial Engineering & Management/Industrial Engineering & Management)
Lennert Krüger (Tourism Business Studies/Entrepreneurship & Tourism)

The MCI students also elected Leander Mundl (Business & Management) as their delegate to the Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH) and Markus Stotter (Nonprofit, Social & Health Care Management) as his substitute.

The MCI’s congratulations go to the newly elected student representatives, with thanks for their commitment and best wishes for a successful term of office!

Website of the MCI student representatives


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