July 15th 2014

70 new places for study at the MCI

Substantial investment in the country’s future – Ministry of Science’s latest commitment to education, research and innovation – Future target of 3,000 students at the Entrepreneurial School®

Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) has something to celebrate. As part of a government plan for a further increase in the number of places for study and research at Austrian universities and a university services upgrade, Dr. Reinhold Mitterlehner, as Minister of Economic Affairs, has allocated an additional seventy places for first-year students to the Entrepreneurial School®, as recently announced by the Ministry.

That means an increase over a three-year period of over 200 students at the MCI for a new total of more than 3,000 (including executive education). Economics subjects are the main beneficiaries of the increase, with a focus on online and elearning programs (Business Administration Online, Business & Management, International Business).

“It is gratifying to see that, even at a time of budgetary constraint, Minister Mitterlehner is taking measures to strengthen Austria’s position as a location for science and business. That means more opportunities for our young people and will strengthen our companies in their ability to compete,” said Governor Platter in response to the good news, and he continued: “Research, technology, education and innovation are the keys to our future and have a high priority for the Tyrolean authorities and the regional government.”

MCI’s Rector Altmann’s adds: “This shows that the Ministry of Science recognizes the exemplary quality of our study programs, the enormous demand for places at the Entrepreneurial School® and our graduates’ excellent prospects. In addition to Minister Mitterlehner, I should above all like to thank the Tyrolean Governor Günther Platter, who has worked hard in support of this further upgrade. We shall do everything in our power to justify his trust and make effective use of the additional financial resources.”

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