September 23rd 2014

MCI comes first again - “Top University 2014”

Great distinction for Management Center Innsbruck - Again the best university in Austria – “TOP University 2014” award – full marks for satisfaction, loyalty and employability – Montanuniversität Leoben also up among the best.

Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) has done it again: In the recently published 2014 Universum Student Survey, the MCI was again voted the best university in Austria and was selected for the “TOP University 2014” award. The MCI received tops marks from students for satisfaction, loyalty and employability. Together with the Entrepreneurial School®, Montanuniversität Leoben was placed top of the rankings for Austria as a whole.

This highly gratifying outcome is in keeping with the results of a variety of polls, rankings and awards over the last few years. The annual Universum Student Survey polls students for satisfaction with the quality of the university attended, with special attention paid to their expectations, preferences and career prospects and general conditions for study there. A strong emphasis is placed on the extent to which universities prepare their students for the employment market and graduates’ prospects for subsequent professional development.

Academic standards, practical relevance, a commitment to achievement, an international orientation, professional services and consistent quality assurance have always been the guiding principles at the MCI. Exemplary curricula, the international composition of both faculty and students, an effective careers center and a wide range of student services are further elements in the makeup of the “Top University 2014”. Everyone at the MCI is accordingly delighted that their university has again been voted best in class.

The Entrepreneurial School® also did extremely well in terms of general satisfaction with the university, the recommendation rate and student loyalty. For the MCI’s Rector Andreas Altmann, the award was earned by the hard-working team at the university as a whole as well as by the clear commitment to responsibility and achievement made by its students, supporting bodies and stakeholders.

Brigitte Huter, head of the MCI Career Center, says: “Our students particularly appreciate the numerous opportunities they are given to make contact with potential employers. That strengthens us in our determination to constantly work for a dialogue with business in a creative and open spirit and to further develop our careers network.”

Brigitte Auer, head of MCI Quality Management, adds: “The results are a rare distinction and confirm us in our resolve to intensify our efforts to make further improvements to the quality of our programs, teaching and services.”

Michael Seidl, Chairman of the Student Representatives at the MCI, is also very pleased: “As student representatives, we are proud of the award, which is based on a poll among students. We see this achievement as a mandate to continue the good work in a world in which standing still means going backwards.”

Tim Kaltenborn, University Relations Manager at Universum, has this to say: “It is not just the teaching that decides whether students are happy with their universities; employability is becoming increasingly important, too. They ask themselves, ‘How well am I being prepared for the employment market? How good are my career prospects?’ A reliable career is replacing a safe job as the long-term objective.”

From November 2013 to March 2014, Universum polled more than 6,600 students in Austria on the subject of their perceptions and the attractiveness of their universities and conditions for study there.

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