September 23rd 2014

Cooperation agreement for doctoral studies between the MUI and the MCI

Cooperation agreement signed between Innsbruck Medical University (MUI) and Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) – Benefits for research, teaching & patient care at the two schools and for technology and innovation in the Tyrol – Strategic decision with potential for future synergies.

Innsbruck Medical University (MUI) and Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) have announced the signing of a cooperation agreement by the two institutions providing for joint research groups and shared tutoring for doctoral students.

Following the decision to cooperate more closely in future, the MUI and the MCI can look forward to synergies generated by coordinating and pooling their respective fields of competence and strengths. In addition to the two universities and their students, the new system will also benefit the Tyrol as a location for science, technology and business, and patient care in the region.

Professor Helga Fritsch, Rector of the MUI, says, "Universities are facing new challenges. That makes greater flexibility and increased collaboration with other universities essential. Cross-disciplinary working is a central element of modern research. Such cooperation must therefore have a high priority for Innsbruck Medical University – for our research and teaching, and for our patients – if we are to remain competitive at the international level. Collaboration with Management Center Innsbruck is important for our Ph.D. students and also beneficial for the Tyrol as a place of research.”

Professor Andreas Altmann, Rector of the MCI, explains: “In the last few years, enormous competence has been built up at Management Center Innsbruck in the field of Technology & Life Sciences. The link between engineering science and medical expertise opens up new opportunities in terms research, teaching, innovation and patient care. The new doctoral studies agreement provides for support for students from the two universities with their dissertations and can be expected to generate additional research results for the scientific and business communities. It is also a visible expression of a model partnership and a powerful signal for productive cooperation.”

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